Chiltern Escargots – Snail Breeders in Buckinghamshire

Chiltern Escargots, run by Victoria and Penelope Stibbs, began in 2017 in a three-bed terraced house with just a handful of snails and an idea. A year later their dream of creating an eco-friendly snail farm, providing the best habitat for their produce has become a reality. They are based on a smallholding in the heart of the stunning Chiltern Hills in South Buckinghamshire. Currently they are farming over 200,000 Helix Aspersa Muller and Helix Aspersa Maxima snails which they breed both for eating and for producing exquisite snail caviar.

Apart from farming premium escargots and top quality snail caviar, they have plenty of other projects in the pipeline for the future:

  • to give local school children a chance to enjoy the farm and maybe give their taste-buds a test too while promoting the value of countryside
  • to present professional and honest training courses to other potential snail farmers
  • to donate snails throughout the year to local animal welfare charities to help support their amazing work of nursing injured and ill animals and rehabilitating them back into the wild.
Snail Breeders, Chiltern Escargots, Buckinghamshire
Snail Breeders, Chiltern Escargots, Buckinghamshire
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